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Montana Professional Fee Schedule: Overview

July 1, 2024

The Montana Employment Relations Division has published the updates to the Montana Professional Fee Schedule. The Professional Fee Schedule (July 1, 2024) may be viewed under 2024 tab within the fee schedule itself.

The Montana Professional Fee Schedule applies to all services and procedures provided on or after January 1, 2008 covered under Chapter 71 of the Montana Workers’ Compensation Act. Workers’ compensation payers shall use the appropriate fee schedule determined by the date of service and the instruction set when paying charges submitted by medical providers, unless otherwise specified in the Act.

The fee schedule contains the following information:

  1. Use and Copyrights
    Explains the permitted uses of the data and the codes associated with the American Medical Association, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, and the American Dental Association.
  2. Fee Schedule
    Allows users to search for and download ranges of codes or the entire fee schedule for currect and past years
  3. Instruction Sets
    Contains the instructions associated with the fee schedules for current and past year
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Administrative Rules
  6. Statute

If you have any questions about the fee schedule, please contact Celeste Ackerman in the Medical Regulation Unit by email at or by telephone at (406) 444-6604.

To Continue The Montana Professional Fee Schedule, Please Click Here.

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